How to be happy in Taiwan

I have been silent lately; perhaps you have noticed. My blog, on the other hand has been begging for food – that being a substantial post of some variety. My lapse in blogging could be explained away by my new addiction to Chinese soap operas, as they seem to have confiscated a significant portion of my free time under the guise of learning; but instead, let’s just say that I have been terribly busy, shall we?

Let me bring you back a few days in time to this last Saturday morning. As I tippy toed past the laptop (you know, so my blog wouldn’t hear me) on my way to the kitchen, bloggy awoke and whispered out for nourishment. It was a pivotal moment as both he and I realized that it was now or never, do or die. A stab of guilt buckled my knees, and I fell to my chair ready to write a few words. Five minutes later and without one word on the screen, I sighed a “sorry old friend,” popped out of my chair, and whizzed out the door to take on the gorgeous day that was rising in the east.

The day was pretty much fabulous, with the exception being this lingering melancholic lean that has accompanied my every move over the last month or so. Maybe I am homesick, maybe I am lonely, either way this sappy disposition has got to go.

I find that happiness can sometimes be an elusive creature. Life passes by in a blink of an eye, but photos, even those taken by an unskilled photographer such as myself, can capture fleeting moments of glee and provide them with a lasting material substance. My photos remind me that happiness greets me all over this funny, vibrant island and this is why I want to introduce you to one of the happiest places in all of Taipei, no wait, dare I say on planet earth- the stationary store.

The stationary stores of Taipei are a place where inspirational messages abound. The poorly translated English, the confusing messages, and the all around abundance of spelling and grammatical errors makes the stationary store both hilarious and introspective. I will let the photos speak for themselves. However, as a side note, if anyone knows how I can get a job writing for these notebook companies, it would seriously be a dream come true!

Do I understand it? No. Do I like it? Yes.

Powerful. 100%.

Yes! Do it! Make a passionate wish!

The inspiration isn’t limited to notebooks. The binders are equally AMAZING!

Is that not the most romantic thing ever?

And now for a little Taiwan nature…

I love it when signs suggest that I relax and forget worldly cares.

Worldly cares FORGOTTEN!

The rolling mountains surrounding Taipei.

My green pasture.

Sun is setting.

Well I sure feel good, how about you?

See you all next time!


3 thoughts on “How to be happy in Taiwan

  1. I have two comments,

    First, you said you were addicted to Chinese soaps. Can you recommend any good ones? Taiwanese accent preferred because I have a hard time understanding the mainland accent. It doesn’t have to be a soap, any good tv show is fine. I devoured 皮子英雄。

    Second, I was strolling down aiguo road where all the wedding photo shops are one day. I looked down at the wedding photo album they had on display and saw the words, “I want you to know that I’m happy for you
    I wish nothing but the best for you both.” I thought, where have I heard that before? Then I turned the page and there was the the next line from the song, “An older version of me, is she perverted like me? Would she go down on you in a theater?”

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