A Day in the Park

I am amassing an embarrassingly abundant collection of unfinished, half started blog posts. I keep these posts filed away for weekend writing, but now that spring is blossoming all over Taipei my pallid, vitamin D deficient body has insisted I soak up the sunshine. To sit inside and type away on the computer would be

Bright Lights, Happy Dragon

Warm, comforting memories of my grandparents come flooding back when I find myself enveloped in bright, colorful lights. You see, they had a ride, and each year us four Peruzzi kids needed a lift to view all of the wildly decorated Christmas light neighborhoods (at least when compared with our neighborhood where it seemed only

Temple Town

It is beyond the bounds of possibility that one could wander the streets of Taipei and avoid a run in with a temple or a shrine of some sort, and I just love love love that about this place. The thrill of turning a corner down some unassuming back alley only to discover a new